Design support

INTO the Nordic Silence Design Support can help you find solutions for a wide variety of spatial problems in your office. The workplace consultant and interior architects at your service have the combined experience of thousands of different design and workplace development projects.

We also offer our services on a case-by-case basis to independent designers and architects interested in implementing the INTO concept in their clients’ projects. If this applies to you, we encourage you to contact us for help with test-fit layouts.

Please find listed below examples of how you might benefit from INTO solutions and our tailored Design Support.

Multi-purpose workspaces

INTO Design Support can help you transform the break area of your workplace into a multi-purpose workspace by replacing some of the small, hard and noisy tables and chairs with acoustic POINT sofa modules and portable TOP tables. POINT has the same seat height as an office chair while the measurements of TOP are equivalent to a work desk. Working or relaxing, you will be comfortable the whole day.

Peaceful work and meeting spaces

INTO Design Support enables you to make the most of your INTO furniture. FOCUS and ROLL IN, the semi-open workstations on wheels, can be placed in the noisier areas of the workplace to provide employees with little pockets of peace and quiet, while meetings can comfortably be held in the noise-shielding POINT CUP meeting solutions. After the layout has been decided, the furniture can simply be brought in and the work can start.

Soundproof work and meeting spaces

With help from our Design Support you can easily use our portable POD meeting rooms to create independent spaces in your office. Their sound insulation is comparable to that of conventional meeting rooms. Our installation service will deliver and assemble the rooms quickly and with minimal inconvenience for those already occupying the space. The lighting and electrical wall sockets in a POD are operational by simply plugging the room in.

Overall work satisfaction

Simply treating the existing surfaces of the workplace with sound-absorbing materials is seldom enough to create comfortable room acoustics; the key is to add sound-friendly furniture that absorbs and diffuses sound. The core and surface materials of INTO the Nordic Silence furniture reduce sound propagation efficiently. For example, the backrest, sides and roof of the CUBE sofa are made of heavy wooden panels that block all direct sounds.

Activity-based offices

Many conventional open plan offices fail to meet today’s requirements for an efficient workplace, even though the tables and chairs would be perfectly functional. The problem may be solved by opting for a fully operational activity-based office. Our experts will use the INTO Workplace Analysis Tool to analyze the need for static and shared workstations as well as different support spaces. The design and execution of activity-based offices can even be delivered as a turnkey project.