Leading media group Sanoma Media embraced INTO the Nordic Silence


INTO the Nordic Silence furniture proudly occupies Sanoma Media’s new office building in Ruoholahti, Helsinki. The leading media group in the Nordic countries chose INTO furniture for its new work environment based on the products’ ability to improve space efficiency, internal communications and overall work productivity.

IMG_1181Among the 30 magazines published by Sanoma Media is the interior decoration magazine Glorian Koti. In its May issue, Glorian Koti introduced the new offices in a short article (on the left) which mentions the Point couches’ ability to effectively block sound in the open space. The couches were delivered to Sanoma Media in multiple different custom colors.

As workplace studies have shown, fostering a noise-free office environment is crucial to overall employee productivity and well-being. This is especially true for professions such as journalism where complex verbal process is required.

The concept and interior design of Sanoma Media’s new office building is by Gullstén-Inkinen Design & Architecture.



Customizable Point couches add color and comfort to breakout areas


Optional high backrests help absorb and diffuse sound


The couch modules come in a large number of different colors and can be combined as preferred


The Story Wall space divider lets you divide up space and present information


Sound-absorbing Cube couches can be used individually or as a pair


Our design support can help you mix and match Point couch modules for a truly unique impression


Even neutral-color couch modules can make delightful combinations


Combine small Top tables into appropriate formations, separate, then combine again differently