Flexibility and user-friendliness key as INTO the Nordic Silence comes to Stockholm Furniture Fair

INTO the Nordic Silence concept of office furniture will again exhibit at Stockholm Furniture Fair, the world’s largest meeting place for Scandinavian furniture and lighting design, running from 3 to 7 February 2015. The visitors will experience a range of all-new and improved furniture solutions created for multi-purpose and open plan offices.

This is the second time INTO the Nordic Silence has participated in the leading trade fair with over 35,000 visitors in February 2014. In the past year, INTO has been engaged in active product development.

“Each product has emerged out of the needs of the users. Our new modular acoustical products, which the fair visitors now have the opportunity to see and touch for the first time, include a roll-in workstation and a private pod phone room. Special attention has been paid to lighting, ventilation and acoustic comfort in the furniture”, says designer Hanna Gullstén.

Furniture solutions for today’s offices

INTO the Nordic Silence products are designed to meet the requirements of today’s fast-changing business world.

“Offices nowadays must be adaptable to staff changes and different modes of working, from solo work to brief discussions and long meetings. INTO furniture can make even the most demanding office spaces more flexible and user-friendly. Besides companies, our customers include learning institutions and public libraries. They often benefit from the design support services we also offer”, says designer Jari Inkinen.

“Additionally, we serve many interior designers on the hunt for very specific colors and surface materials for their own clients’ use. To cater to their needs, we have greatly expanded our standard selection. For example, the new red upholstery options will add warmth and spark to offices with lots of cold, artificial light”, says Hanna Gullstén.

INTO the Nordic Silence will exhibit at the Stockholmsmässan convention center’s booth A 38:28 for the entire duration of the Stockholm Furniture Fair.


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  1. In my opinion most furniture in my home provides a dual purpose.
    Since we now have such limited space, some sort of couch which can be also
    a bed and a bed which has storage drawers beneath the is invaluable.
    There are lots of good styles to choose from too.

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