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INTO POD rooms

POD rooms can be used for various purposes, whether you need a private space for phone calls, a bigger place for meetings and conferences, or a space to rest for a moment. Read more below!

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Create silence with POD rooms

Our POD room range is ideal for short meetings and for tasks that demand focusing. Their insulating structure offers excellent acoustic protection from disruptive sounds. POD rooms increase both the working comfort and productivity by providing acoustic and visual shelters for various needs.



Our INTO the Nordic Silence furniture selection has been recognized with Fennia Prize Honourable mention. The Fennia Prize is a design competition for companies and organizations to support the creation of high-standard products and services. The Fennia Prizes are awarded to companies and organizations with innovative and responsible design that is also of economic significance.

POD rooms increase both the working comfort and productivity by focusing on acoustics, ergonomics, and improving privacy. Scroll down to read more about our POD rooms!

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Added value for tenants

– Our POD rooms enable rapid space changes without structural changes and disturbance
– POD rooms provide flexible support spaces with short notice

Added value for real estate owners

– Our POD rooms enable layout changes and customer driven space solutions with minimum disturbance
– Tailored solutions in cost-efficient way regardless the length of the lease contract

Added value for production premises

– INTO the Nordic Silence POD rooms provide peaceful workspaces in the close proximity of the production spaces and improves time management as well as focusing at work

Added value for service sector businesses

– POD rooms enable bringing services close to customer flows for example in shopping centers through movable space solutions
– Our POD rooms can be branded to support the company’s visual identity


Under test conditions, the soundproofing and sound rating of each INTO POD room is in class “A”. The used classification is Finnish SFS 5907 standard.

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Sizes for all needs

In our selection we have 6 different POD rooms to meet different needs. All our modular POD rooms can be installed without changes to existing structures or walls and can be moved from one space to another.

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Our INTO POD rooms, with the exception of our telephone booths, are also available with a wider door, whereby they are also accessible to independent wheelchair users. In accordance with accessibility standards, a wheelchair ramp can be installed into the POD room, as well as reservation for the automatic door.

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INTO POD 2 Wheelchair Access - INTO the Nordic Silence


The core and surface materials are carefully chosen based on their ability to withstand heavy wear typical to public spaces. In the INTO POD rooms, we use laminated acoustic safety glass to achieve the best possible sound attenuation and STI values (STI = speech transmission index).

Read more about the STI-index


Clean lined and smart design makes all INTO the Nordic Silence products timeless and highly adaptable. All POD rooms can be easily modified to the visual identity of any building’s interior design and end user’s brand using dedicated wall and floor colors and materials.

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Benefits of our INTO POD Rooms - Design

Easy to instal

Our acoustic POD rooms come with an independent ventilation system and with LED-lights. It can be installed, taken apart and relocated quick and easily.

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Equip the POD room for your needs

Our POD rooms can be used for various purposes, and they can be ordered with or without furniture. Do you need private place for phone calls and Skype meetings, bigger space for meetings and conferences, or just a space to rest for a moment? Get creative and equip INTO POD room for your needs!

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Benefits of our INTO POD rooms - Equip your POD


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