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POD PHONE SMALL is a telephone booth that improves privacy when taking phone calls in open spaces and office environments. Despite its compact size, this telephone booth does not lose the sense of space or its visual protection. POD PHONE SMALL telephone booths are installed without changes to existing structures or walls, as well as reassembled in another location.

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Technical information

Measurements for telephone booth:
W39.37 x D47.24 x H91.34 in
Door 3.15 x 8.66 in

Sound insulation value and sound classification of POD PHONE SMALL is up to 39 dB
STI value of POD PHONE SMALL is as low as 0.10-0.15
Power grommet on the table
Glass wall includes the INTO stripe window taping
Fully automated electric socket, ventilation, and lights with electronic motion sensor


MDF frame and a fixed table with water-based paint
Painted MDF door and door panels
Door handle with satin-finished stainless steel
Laminated acoustic safety glass windows 0.394 in
Acoustic panel on the ceiling with lighting fixture
Walls x 2 and floor coated with carpet

Standard carpet:
Fletco Ex-dono quartet

Standard POD colors:
White smooth NCS S 0500-N
Light grey smooth NCS S 6000-N
Dark grey smooth NCS S 7500-N

Standard door color:
White NCS S 0500-N

Table: Structural NCS S color of your choice