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Born from a need. Designed with passion.
INTO the Nordic Silence furniture enables any space to accommodate a diversity of users and methods of working.

We create healthy and functional environments

INTO Concept Oy, founded by Finnish designers, Hanna Gullstén and Jari Inkinen, is a furniture company that specializes in support space solutions and modular POD meeting rooms. Our INTO the Nordic Silence concept has been created to solve various distractions in open plan offices and educational environments.

Office interior design and work cultures differ from country to country. Yet, they share a need for functional design, quality acoustics and healthy ergonomics. Our INTO the Nordic Silence product portfolio fulfills all those needs with its unique and timeless POD room designs.

Our INTO the Nordic Silence furniture enables you to work in privacy and meet your colleagues in a creative space. We offer virtually unlimited possibilities for developing working environments in more flexible and efficient ways.

INTO the Nordic Silence furniture selection transforms any space into an effective working and learning environment. Our INTO POD rooms create a space of needed silence for short meetings or peaceful moments of solo working. They can be assembled without any structural changes or the need to alter existing ceiling or floor materials.

Our INTO the Nordic Silence selection has been recognized with Fennia Prize Honourable mention. The Fennia Prize is a design competition for companies and organizations to support the creation of high-standard products and services. The Fennia Prizes are awarded to companies and organizations with innovative and responsible design that is also of economic significance.







Our designs are inspired by the silence of Nordic nature. Just as the four seasons of Nordic nature requires several types of shelters, so do different modes of work.

By following the Nordic tradition of high quality and functional design, our solutions create comforting and inviting havens to retreat to during the day.


INTO the Nordic Silence products are designed by our INTO design team in Finland and manufactured in Finland and the Baltic region. All INTO POD rooms can be easily modified to the visual identity of any building’s interior design and end user’s brand using dedicated wall and floor colors and materials.

Clean lined and smart design makes all INTO the Nordic Silence products timeless and highly adaptable.


INTO furniture complies with the principles of sustainable development and general safety and durability requirements. Our materials are certified steel and Nordic grown wood. The core and surface materials are carefully chosen based on their ability to withstand heavy wear typical to public spaces.

Both the surface materials used, and the production process generate minimal emissions.

Our products are produced of carefully chosen materials and are designed to withstand heavy wear.

The entire product family complies with the principles of sustainable development and satisfies strict safety and durability requirements.

Years of experience

The founders and creators of INTO the Nordic Silence concept, Hanna Gullsten & Jari Inkinen have more than 30 years of experience creating work spaces and learning environments.

Creative solutions

Together we create healthy and functional working environments. The heart of our operations is based on ergonomic furniture solutions and delivering quality experiences to our customers. We have 6 different POD solutions to solve any problem in any office or learning environment. All INTO the Nordic Silence products are born from a need to solve challenges in real interior design projects. In 2018 INTO solutions has helped customers in 15 different countries. Our passion is to support your health and efficiency.


We believe that the best business strategy is a satisfied customer.

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