Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair Days 2 and 3: Old favorites and new charmers

Days 2 and 3 of the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair have shown that there is a substantial demand for flexible, sound-friendly furniture in the market. INTO the Nordic Silence booth A 38:28 has elicited many spontaneous oohs and aahs from a convinced fair audience, who have had the chance to test out a line-up of products both new and improved.

ROLL IN As reported earlier, the all-new Roll In workstation is one of this year’s crowd favorites. “The warm light is so inviting”, said one person. Others have stopped by to recharge their phone battery using the furniture’s in-built electrical outlets or to withdraw to the privacy of the workstation to write a crucial email or two.

POD PHONE “Very elegant”, seems to be the general consensus about the new Pod Phone booth, designed to provide perfect peace for private phone calls. Visitors have been seen going in and out of the booth to test its acousticity and make some phone calls.

STORY WALL Another new product in the INTO family, Story Wall is a simple and solid way to divide space into smaller units for the purpose of hosting an impromptu meeting, for example. The charming Moomin magnets showcase the wall’s hidden power: it’s magnetic on one side!

TUBE A huge favorite from last year, Tube continues its victory march – this year with the option of felt lining designed to absorb office noise and create an even calmer working space than before. The exciting shape and colors of the workstation evoke the idea of work-as-play and have elicited many an emotional response from guests, making us think it may just prove out the most popular INTO product of the 2015 fair.

POD Another classic to have recently undergone product development is the Pod meeting room, available in a variety of sizes to suit any office environment. The new floor and ceiling structures allow POD to be very quickly and securely installed in particularly low spaces as well as spaces with uneven floor surfaces. The low-hanging acoustic elements make conversation pleasant, as indicated by the couple of seemingly successful business meetings hosted in the large Pod4 in the last three days!

INTO the Nordic Silence will continue to exhibit at booth A 38:28 at the Stockholmsmässan convention center until Saturday 7 February. Come say hello to us or follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more updates!

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      INTO specializes in adaptable workstations, so unfortunately we don’t carry any larger tables at all. Good luck with the search though!

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