What’s an activity-based office, anyway?

Attention Swedish-speaking design lovers! The City of Gothenburg, Sweden has released a short video interview with architect-consultant Thomas Nathorst-Böös about activity-based (aktivitetsbaserad) offices. The sample photos seen in the video feature many INTO the Nordic Silence furniture solutions.

Although the video is intended for the City of Gothenburg’s internal educational use, the rest of us with some knowledge of Swedish can learn a thing or two from it, too. Among the topics Nathorst-Böös talks about are:

  • Why do modern technological advances and the mobile nature of work today create a demand for activity-based offices?
  • What is the point of having multiple types of working spaces at one workplace?
  • How can privacy and confidentiality – crucial in some areas of professional life – be guaranteed in activity-based offices?
  • How can employee concerns and negativity about making the move from private, fixed working spaces to a collaborative workplace be handled constructively?

We thank the City of Gothenburg for featuring INTO the Nordic Silence furniture in this important video!

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