Tool-kit for post COVID-19 offices

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work and what we want from our workplaces.

We gathered some of our best products for you to select so that you can create the safe workspace that your team needs.

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Benefits of our INTO POD Rooms - Design


ROLL IN workstation offers a private working space with everything you need.

This workstation is ideal for homes, offices, schools, libraries, and co-working spaces.

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Antimicrobial film for all hard surfaces

The protective antimicrobial membrane reduces viruses by up to 99%. An easy and effective way to provide safe and healthy work environments.

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POD 1 GLASS with a glass back wall is perfect for private phone calls or as a concentration workspace for one person. It provides a safe private space to pop in or work all day.

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TOP Lift table

TOP Lift tables are adaptable tables for working, learning, and as sidetables. They are visually slender and structurally sturdy making them timeless and functional items for both offices and home offices.

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Nimetön 1


POD SAFE provides its users with a meeting space divided by glass into two safe areas. Both of these separate safe areas have an independent ventilation system to create a healthy air space for the user.

POD SAFE can be used, for example, to meet customers in office environments (such as social services, tax offices, and unemployment offices) or loved ones in rest homes or hospitals.

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