Craving for a new experience and a place to sleep on week 37?

PSST! Can you see what on Earth is inside of the POD below?


Are you craving for a new experience and a place to sleep? No worries because INTO Concept offers you an opportunity for an unique accommodation in INTO KIMPASSA* pop up -space in the heart of Helsinki, during Helsinki Design Week.

SLEEPING POD - POP UP showroom - INTO the Nordic Silence

Modular POD meeting rooms can be easily transformed into a bedroom when necessary. The stylish and compact space invites you to relax and rest. This is how peace feels, looks and sounds like.

Three possible nights, one single bed INTO ZZz and one double bed INTO ZZz. We are looking for adventurous volunteers, so contact us and we will get back to you:

* Kimpassa is a Finnish word meaning coworking related to creative communication and fun