Finland’s Green Party chose INTO POD room for their office in Helsinki

INTO POD room provides private working space in Finland’s Green Party’s office in Helsinki.

INTO POD 2 room was chosen for Finland’s Green Party’s office in Helsinki to provide withdrawing space for private meetings and work that requires focus. The Green Party’s office was in need of a solution to offer their employees a private and peaceful space where they could conduct confidential meetings and work on important tasks without any distractions.

POD 2 room’s innovative design, sleek style, and soundproof features were precisely what the Green Party was looking for. Our pod rooms are designed to provide a comfortable and calming atmosphere, making them the perfect place for employees to focus and work productively. The POD 2 room in Green Party’s premises was furnished for four persons by using ergonomic INTO POINT sofas and height adjustable INTO TOP table.

The Green Party’s employees were happy with the pod’s features, which include a cozy floor light, a ventilation system, and an acoustic-friendly design.

INTO Concept’s team was delighted to work with the Green Party and provide them with an innovative solution that met their needs. We are glad to have contributed to a sustainable work environment.



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Mikko Miettinen
Sales Manager
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