Students of HUMAK executed an Innovation Project in the INTO showroom

The Cultural Producer students of the Humanities University of Applied Sciences implemented the first part of their Innovation Practices course project in the INTO showroom.

A group of Cultural Producer students from HUMAK (Humanities University of Applied Sciences) visited our showroom last week as a part of their schooling project in the Innovation Practices course.

“Our innovation project was set in motion due to the needs of the changing work-life and its needs. In many jobs, the workplaces change rapidly, and, in the future, the work is more independent and more and more of it is done from home. Corona pandemic has caused a leap toward remote working and remote studying and options for working from home are needed. We think that people would like an option to have a quiet work environment that enables focusing in safe, calm surroundings”, tells one of the students, Heidi Suvinen.

“Often, in addition to space, doing a job requires good technology in order to do the job well. We got together to brainstorm what was needed and how that technology could be made easy to use and accessible to all. We also considered what is needed for a good workspace. Among other things, good sound insulation, ventilation, and versatility were some of the needs that emerged”, Heidi explains the experiment.

The group envisions that in the future there could be workspace hotels. These could be spaces that a person could reserve for a certain period of time and would have all the necessary equipment for work. These spots could be located, for example, in educational institutions or airports. The necessary workspace and technology would be readily available right after booking the space.