INTO at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 9.-13.2.2016

You will find us in stand A43:26

Increase productivity; reduce stress – with the latest in innovative design

The INTO collection offers furniture that improves the productivity and ergonomics of your office or educational space. Now, in addition to our current collection we are proud to present totally new models and versions of INTO products that have been developed based on the expressed needs of our customers. We have also improved the acoustic and technical features of our INTO collection, for example by making our POD solutions possible without changes to a building’s existing structures.

And just as innovative is our STEP IN table – which challenges every traditional assumption about working at a desk. Its ergonomic concept is based on truly out-of-the-box solutions that are responsive to one’s working posture when standing or half-sitting at a desk. Learn more about STEP IN on products/STEP IN