Prepare for the future: lease an acoustic office phone booth

INTO POD rooms are available for leasing all around Europe, starting from just 150€/month! An easy and effortless way to provide private spaces for your employees.

Lease acoustic office phone booth - POD PHONE - INTO the Nordic Silence

Lease an acoustic office phone booth

It is now time to prepare for the future. Offices are empty making the installations unnoticeable and your office could be ready by the time your employees get back to the office.

You can lease acoustic office phone booths effortlessly now, starting from just 150€/month! 

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Lease an acoustic office phone booth - POD 4 - INTO the Nordic Silence

Office working is changing

The way we work is about to change. Open-plan offices have been proven more of a distraction than space to collaborate, and now the COVID-19 epidemic is sweeping across the globe reminding us how important the possibility for social distancing and privacy is.

Our INTO POD rooms have been born from the need to solve problems in open-plan offices. We have always been there for our clients whether the problem is noise pollution, lack of withdrawal spaces, or need for meeting rooms and phone booths. Design choices of the working environment affect not only our health and safety but our ability to stay organized, use our working memory, express our feelings, and make rational decisions as well.

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COVID-19 pandemic has been forcing the majority of companies to move toward digital working. Digitalization was inevitable, the current situation just fast-forwarded the process.

We believe that in future offices there will be a vast need for withdrawal spaces. A larger portion of future meetings will happen online platforms such as Skype, Teams, and Hangouts. Every office will need to have spaces to support those needs. That is why we are making it easy for you to provide your employees with those premises.

By leasing acoustic office phone booths starting from just 150€/month you will enable a healthy and functional work environment for you and your team. 

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