Long and productive lunches with good conscience

INTO the Nordic Silence product family’s furniture solutions are part of the new Nordea’s staff restaurant.

INTO the Nordic Silence creating Nordea dinery

INTO the Nordic Silence product family’s furniture solutions are part of the new Nordea’s staff restaurant. The space was turned into a spectacular, lively premise in November 2017.

Nordea’s restaurant building is one of the oldest in the block. The aim of the reform of the staff restaurant was to improve the functionality and acoustics of the large premises. The restaurant serves over 2000 lunches each day with four different types of food concepts and is therefore one of the largest personnel restaurants in Finland.

The space needed to be visually divided into different areas that create changing moods for both lunch and work. The original industrial aesthetics of the building were brought up and underlined with great discretion. The goal of the restaurant area is to attract employees to work at the premises also outside of the lunch hours. This was implemented with adaptable INTO the Nordic Silence space solutions.

The staff restaurant is split into various parts depending on the sound and mood of each part. Acoustic solutions of this long space were created with sound-absorbing, ergonomic and high INTO POINT sofas, glass walls, various shelves and INTO POD ROLL SMALL furniture as well as acoustic wall surfaces.

The restaurant has open, semi-open and closed meeting places. The idea was to provide the appropriate support facilities for different needs, ranging from the tasks that require calm concentration to busy negotiations whether you are working alone or in a team.

The multipurpose spaces were implemented by choosing the easy-to-move INTO POD ROLL SMALL workstations with acoustic elements to the restaurant’s lounges. INTO POD ROLL SMALL furnishings together with INTO POINT couches divide and soothe the open space of the restaurant. Multipurpose curtains mounted on rails also separate spaces creating small meeting rooms to be booked for the need.

Benefits of our INTO POD Rooms - Design

The timeless graphics that were designed for the INTO POD ROLL SMALL furniture add the unique look to the restaurant. 

The space was designed by Gullstén-Inkinen.

Next, we will travel to Denmark to participate the ARCHITECT@WORK event on 16th-17th of May 2018. We will be showcasing INTO the Nordic Silence furniture family’s POD PHONE. You will find us at the stand 73. See you in Copenhagen!