New POD surface material options

INTO POD rooms now has a wider selection of durable and timeless material options.


Our POD family now has a wider selection of stylish surface finishes – and as always; they are high-quality, timeless, and durable.
We kept our bestselling timeless white and dark grey options as well as our popular pine surface. Above these options, there is always a possibility for whichever paint color you might want, and we topped our selection with two more beautiful wooden finishes, oak, and black oak.

Having my roots in interior design has given me insight regarding how functional spaces are created. It is important that the furniture is not only seen as a comfortable element in the room but also as something that will influence how we interact and work with each other. This in mind, I wanted to bring high-quality, natural options available for everyone”, says Hanna Gullstén, the Design Director in INTO Concept.

We updated our standard POD frames from MDF to melamine to achieve a more durable and finished look. The well-made melamine surface is smooth and does not scratch easily. We have a broad selection of melamine colors that our customers may choose from.
Pine surface is one of our most popular finishes of all time. It has a pale yellow or light amber-brown color that endures time well by aging to deep golden yellow. Pine is a high-quality material. It is strong and durable with a sense of natural sophistication.
Our new wooden options are oak and black oak. Oak as a finishing material is sturdy, steady, and elegant. It has a beautiful unique surface pattern and is a bit more dense and heavier than our other finishes giving you that little extra luxury.