New products in the showroom in Helsinki

We have new furniture in the showroom in Helsinki! Come visit face-to-face or online!

We have new products in our showroom in Helsinki! Read more about our new furniture and email us to set an appointment via Teams or face-to-face!

Here are our two brand new products; POD OPEN (left) and POD ROLL DUO (right).

POD OPEN comes with an open floor making it accessible for everyone without a wheelchair ramp or other required features for disabled people. The POD has built-in pendant light, a motion detector that sets the lights on, and two sockets to charge your electrics. Walls are upholstered with acoustic panels to create the best acoustical environment possible.

POD ROLL DUO is a working station for 1-2 people. It has a built-in sofa, a height-adjustable electrical table, two table sockets, one wall socket, and a motion detector to set on the lights. The walls and the ceiling are covered with acoustic panels.

We also received the ROLL IN table solution to our showroom. This ROLL IN has an oak surface and oak table combined with black steel legs. Inside the cover is acoustic paneling to give you some extra peace. There’s also an acrylic window with opaque glass to emit light in.

Our FOCUS table solution went through a product development process and is now so much better. We lightened the structure so that the table is even easier to move around. We also changed the light and socket positions to better serve the user. FOCUS still has excellent acoustic features and covers its user giving peace of mind.

Last but not least, we have a new POINT CUP solution in the showroom as well. It has gorgeous forest green upholstering on the sofa modules. The table is painted white and has a socket placement to charge your electrics. The TV screen wall has light grey felt cover on it.