INTO makes a small but sweet appearance in this Helsinki office

toimisto 1

In June, we saw just how delightfully versatile INTO POINT couch modules can be as we took a peek into the new headquarters of an international bank corporation. By mixing and matching different colors and materials, custom couches and couch sets with distinct characters were created for each individual workspace.

This time, a particularly elegant POINT couch catches the attention at the newly reconfigured Helsinki office of an internationally operating financial services company that wishes to remain anonymous. Made of neutral greys and one bronze-colored accent module, the couch, coupled with a small INTO TOP table, welcomes one to entertain guests, forge business or simply enjoy a quiet moment in the see-through corner office.

And if your laptop runs out of battery? Just plug it in one of the couch’s in-built power sockets and continue working on that big presentation or important report of yours.

toimisto 2