POD MAX provides space for both small and larger meetings

Nordic electricity company UTU needed space for negotiations and meetings. The solution came from INTO Concept in the form of a POD MAX meeting room.

UTU is a Nordic electricity company that has been operating since 2001. The UTU group has three locations in Finland. At the location in Vantaa, the need for meeting rooms had grown and the client needed a meeting room where could be organized both small and larger meetings. The solution came from the designer in the office design agency that UTU had hired. The solution was INTO POD MAX meeting room, in which the client can organize meetings for up to ten people!

POD MAX is a meeting room customized to the customer’s needs. It comes with all POD room benefits. When opening the door of the room, the motion detector detects the entry and turns on the lighting, electricity, and ventilation. These stay on from 0 to 99 minutes chosen by the customer and then turn off if the POD room is empty.

The oak exterior of the POD MAX blends well in color with the existing wooden structures of the office interior. The POD MAX was furnished as a multi-person meeting room and equipped with a large screen. An electronic reservation system was installed outside the meeting room and the windows were taped with frosted window film to provide visual privacy.

According to the customer, the POD MAX suits well for its purpose and blends well into the office due to its size and design.