STORY WALL space divider accessories are now on our website!

We participated in the Habitare furniture fair in the autumn of 2023, where we showcased STORY WALL acoustic space divider walls and their versatile accessories. They garnered a lot of interest.

The adaptable STORY WALLs are felt-surfaced acoustic space dividers that can be easily moved and rotated thanks to the wheels beneath them. These space divider walls can be connected to each other using their magnetic connectors. The basic element of the space divider is 1190 mm wide, 2100 mm high, and 600 mm deep.

With STORY WALLs, you can create various space solutions for daycare centers, schools, workplaces, and even homes. Practical and fun accessories can further expand their usability.

The STORY WALL active wall consists of one basic wall element and various accessories. We offer a whiteboard and marker tray, a basketball hoop and a ball shelf with balls, and a dartboard with five darts.

STORY WALL active wall with a whiteboard and marker tray: 2 030 € + shipping costs (VAT 24%). Note that the markers are not included in the price.

STORY WALL active wall with a basketball hoop, ball shelf, and ball: 1 970 € + shipping costs (VAT 24%).

STORY WALL active wall with a dartboard and five darts: 1 970 € + shipping costs (VAT 24%).

Prices are valid until 31.12.2023.

For international sales ask for a quote at!