INTO brings sustainable furniture design to Stora Enso’s biorefinery in Stockholm

INTO the Nordic Silence is product family with a sustainable design philosophy

Stora Enso POINT sustainable design - INTO the Nordic Silence

INTO the Nordic Silence furniture is prominently displayed at Stora Enso’s biorefinery in Stockholm, Sweden. For the pulp and paper manufacturer focusing on the development of renewable materials, choosing INTO, a product family with a sustainable design philosophy, was natural.

The design of the biorefinery’s office space follows the principles of activity-based working, with a variety of workstations suitable for team and individual work. While informal meetings can comfortably be held on Point and Cube sofas, full concentration can be found at one of the many Focus workstations.


The opening of the Stockholm biorefinery also marked the world premiere of a brand new and so far unnamed INTO product: a standing desk designed to keep the body active and alleviate the negative health effects of too much sitting. Further information about the new desk and the ongoing office design project will be released later.

The concept and interior design of the Stockholm biorefinery is by Gullstén-Inkinen Design & Architecture.