Tens of thousands of people have been sitting on INTO POINT sofas

Tens of thousands of people have already sat on the INTO POINT sofas in the UniCafe Kaivopiha canteen in Helsinki. We went to see how the restaurant looked like a year after the renovation.

Tens of thousands of people have been sitting on INTO POINT sofas

UniCafe Kaivopiha was completed a year ago after a major renovation. After the renovation, tens of thousands of people have been sitting on our INTO POINT sofas. In Helsinki’s largest student restaurant, UniCafe Kaivopiha, more than 2,000 people eat every day.

The facilities were comprehensively renovated to better meet the needs of both customers, cooking, and display. During the renovation, the customer’s path from start to finish was rebuilt and the concept was also envisioned; what all could this centrally located restaurant open to all townspeople could be?

“We wanted to show that student dining, comfortable and high-quality restaurant facilities, and sustainable solutions do not exclude each other but fit on the same plate,” said Leena Pihlajamäki, Business Director.

Sustainable, high-quality, and customer-oriented solutions were indeed made.

Plenty of seating was planned for the premises with individual chair solutions and practical and stylish INTO POINT sofas.
The high-quality woolen backrests and wipable seat parts of the sofas are easy to care for. Ergonomics have been taken into account in the design of the sofas; the diagonally reclining backrest ensures a natural sitting position and the durable, soft sofas are sturdy and supportive to sit on for longer periods at a time without sore muscles. The design of these sofas is timeless and stylish so that they will look good in years to come.