The new office of Kolster was created with INTO the Nordic Silence sofas

The new office of Kolster moved to Salmisaari, as did POINT sofas from INTO the Nordic Silence furniture concept

POINT sofas at Kolster office - INTO the Nordic Silence

The new office of Kolster is a good example of work environment which is enhancing interaction. One of the core ideas in space design has also been to maximize the amount of natural light, and you are able to see through the building. In the middle of the office space, there is a large meeting place featuring POINT-sofas in natural colors and Naava smart green walls whose minimalistic design fit perfectly together.

INTO the Nordic Silence furniture concept’s POINT-sofas are ergonomic and support healthy working positions. Electrical sockets can be integrated into these durable sofa modules. By mixing the colors and materials you can create countless beautiful combinations!

The interior concept is by Gullstén-Inkinen

Pictures are by Naava/Omar El Mrabt.