Workplace healers – restrain the noise at open plan office

How to concentrate on high-performance individual work when there is a lot of chatter and the phones from people sitting next to you are constantly ringing?

Fighting the noise pollution with acoustic furniture - INTO the Nordic Silence

Workplace healers
The peace at workplace – or the lack of it – is an actual topic which is personal to many of us. There has been a lot of discussion around it, and most of us can already understand the importance of this issue, as well as the direct impact it has on the well-being of the personnel and through that to company’s productivity. In Finland this important topic will now finally move on from talking point to concreteness thus it will concern many future workspace development and building projects. Until now there has been only recommendations and common ground rules how to minimize the noise nuisance, but now the Finnish Ministry of the Environment will set an actual noise limit regulation. This regulation will come into force beginning of next year.

This is naturally good news for us as one of the guiding ideas of the INTO the Nordic Silence furniture concept has been from the beginning to create solutions which will soothe the noise level at open plan office and maximize the wellbeing in workplaces. We want to make a difference and heal the workplaces!

The Finnish newspaper Aamulehti had an interesting article on this issue.