INTO POD Acoustic phone booth for office

INTO POD room is an acoustic phone booth for the office. These soundproof phone booths increase work comfort and efficiency in open-plan spaces by providing both acoustic and visual protection for meetings and focused work.

INTO POD rooms are perfect for offices, public spaces, and learning environments.

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Acoustic phone booth for offices - INTO the Nordic Silence

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Acoustic phone booth for office can solve various problems

Our INTO POD room range includes 13 different acoustic-friendly working spaces to meet different needs. Office phone booths increase privacy by providing a space for quick calls, and our one- and two-person meeting rooms serve as workspaces for focused tasks as well. Our larger acoustic workspaces offer meeting facilities for even a larger group.

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Our acoustic phone booths are praised by our customers

“I will continue to define INTO Concept’s products to our projects – its functionality, aesthetics, and various sizes will work in any space!”
– Kristiina Kaitala, interior design agency Kakadu

“The facilities became great, thank you for the good cooperation! A successful project! ”
– Heli Mäntylä, Työtehoseura, XR-space

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Acoustic phone booth for office - POD 2 - INTO the Nordic Silence

Acoustic phone booth for office is a healthy and functional solution

INTO POD room is a soundproof, acoustic office booth that provides your employees with retreat spaces to support efficient work.

INTO POD rooms are designed to be stylish and timeless. Natural materials, excellent sound insulation, efficient ventilation, and good lighting create a cozy space where you will feel comfortable for a long time. High-quality textile carpet and small glass surfaces guarantee an acoustically pleasant environment without reverberation.

Our acoustic-friendly workspaces adapt to your spatial needs. INTO POD rooms can be installed and disassembled up to 10 times.

INTO POD rooms are CE certified, in addition to which they also have an M1 rating, which indicates that the products are low-emission.

INTO POD rooms are modular and dimensioned so that they can be placed against each other easily without difficult places to clean between the rooms.

Excellent acoustics

The insulation structure of the INTO POD phone booths offer excellent acoustic protection against disturbing sounds. The high-quality carpet and few glass surfaces create an acoustic-friendly environment without reverberation.


INTO POD rooms are available with wheelchair ramps making them accessible to independent wheelchair users. In accordance with accessibility standards, a wheelchair ramp and a reservation for an automatic door can be installed in POD rooms.

Timeless design

The clean-lined and smart design make INTO POD rooms timeless and adaptable. Our acoustic office booths can be easily modified to suit the end-users’ visual identity and interior design of any building by using specified colors and materials. All the materials we use are carefully selected so that our selection includes only materials suitable for heavy wear.

Effortless installation

Our acoustic phone booths for offices come with an independent ventilation system and LED lights, so they do not need to be connected to the building’s HVAC system.



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