POD PHONE – office phone booth

The POD PHONE is a cutting-edge phone booth designed to enhance privacy and reduce distractions in open office environments. Its unique insulating structure provides exceptional acoustic protection, ensuring that disruptive sounds are kept at bay. What’s more, the POD PHONE can be installed without the need for any structural changes or modifications to your existing walls. And, if you need to move it, the phone booth can be quickly and easily reassembled in a new location. Despite its compact size, the POD PHONE is spacious enough to accommodate a high stool or chair, making it the perfect solution for anyone who needs a little extra peace and quiet while taking important phone calls.

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Technical information

W1000 x D1500 x H2220 mm
Door 8 x 21

One electrical socket on the table.
Electricity connection from the ceiling or floor.
The length of the electric cord is 3 m.
The glass window includes the INTO stripe window taping.
Fully automated electric socket, ventilation, and lights with electronic motion sensor.
PODS have wheels underneath them.

Weight information:
460 kg
307 kg/m2


POD Panels can be attached to all PODs.


Melamine or veneered frame.
Fixed table with water-based paint.
Painted MDF door and door side panels.
Door handle with satin-finished stainless steel.
Laminated acoustic safety glass window 10 mm.
Acoustic panel on the ceiling.
Walls x 2 and floor coated with carpet.

POD color options:
White NCS S 0500-N
Dark grey NCS S 7500-N
Black Oak

POD inside color:
White NCS S 0500-N

Carpet options:
Fletco Ex-dono quartet

Door color options:
White smooth NCS S 0500-N
Clear glass 10 mm

Standard table color:
White structural NCS S 0500-N