POD 1 is the number one choice for private phone calls and a workspace for tasks which demand focusing.  Its insulating structure offers excellent acoustic protection from disruptive sounds. The PODs can be installed without changes to existing structures or walls, as well as reassembled in another location.

The POD 1 with a wider door works as a telephone booth with an unobstructed floor surface that is ideal for independent wheelchair users. In accordance with accessibility standards, a wheelchair ramp can be installed into the POD, as well as reservation for the automatic door.

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Technical information

Measurements for this workspace:
W1700 x D1700 x H2320 mm

Sound insulation value and sound classification of POD 1 is “A”.
The used classification is Finnish SFS 5907 standard.
STI value (the speech transmission index) of POD 1 workspace is excellent.
Door and POD handedness left or right
Three electrical sockets or two electrical sockets + data outlet included
Electrical socket position on the left, right or back wall
Electricity connection from the ceiling or floor
Glass wall includes the INTO stripe window taping
Automatic window lamp and led lights with wall switch and own ventilation with speed mode


MDF frame with water-based paint
Painted MDF door and door panels
Door handle with satin finished stainless steel
Laminated acoustic safety glass windows 10 mm
Acoustic panel on the ceiling
Back wall and floor coated with carpet

POD standard colors:
White smooth NCS S 0500-N
Light grey smooth NCS S 6000-N
Dark grey smooth NCS S 7500-N
Pine plywood

Standard Carpets:
Category 1: Desso Flux
Category 2: Desso Palatino

Standard door coating material:
White smooth NCS S 0500-N
Light grey smooth NCS S 6000-N
Dark grey smooth NCS S 7500-N
American oak

Door side panel coating can be same as door coating, or any other mentioned above.