POD Panels

POD Panel is an acoustic-friendly add-on piece for POD rooms. Great acoustics is important not only inside the POD rooms but around them as well. Panels help you to create a cozy and sound-friendly working environment for your team. By choosing a dedicated panel color, the appearance of the POD can be adjusted to the premises, and the surface of the panel works as a pinboard or mood board. POD panels come with special noise-reducing fiberboard structure upholstered with durable sound-absorbing fabric. The panels are easy to attach and detach with their effortless fastening system, and they do not leave any traces on POD surfaces.

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Technical information

Measurements for INTO POD Panels:
W500/600/525/625 x D45 x H2320 mm


POD Panels are made of:
Veneer structure
Special acoustic fiberboard
Upholstered with a panel fabric

Standard fabric option: