Meet us at the Stockholm furniture fair 2020

Welcome to our stand in Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020!
Come & enjoy nourishing overnight oats every day at our stand A17:10 at 17:10 o’clock

Product launches and work-wellbeing in our stand A17:10

This year we are showcasing our best selling products as well as launching some completely new add-on pieces to complement our existing favorite items. Our INTO the Nordic Silence furniture concept exists to increase work-wellbeing for everyone. For this reason, we have chosen the theme for this year to be wellbeing and accessibility. Our silent phone booths, accessible meeting rooms, and other adaptable furniture solutions enable you to create ergonomic, healthy, and functional environments.

Come meet us in our new stand A17:10.
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Product launch

INTO POD Panels are acoustic add-on pieces for our INTO POD rooms. Great acoustics is important not only inside the POD rooms but around them as well. We created POD Panels to help you create acoustic-friendly working environments for your team. These panels come with noise reducing acoustic wool structure upholstered with durable sound absorbing fabric. The panels are easy to attach and detach with their effortless fastening system and they do not leave any traces on POD surfaces.

Product highlights

We are showcasing our customers’ favorite products such as both sizes of the phone boothsPOINT CUP office booth, and our open POD room on wheels: POD ROLL SMALL. This year the POD Panel will be launched, and we are proud to introduce accessories for our STORY WALL.


STAND: A17:10
TIME: February 4th – 8th, 2020
WHERE: Stockholmsmässan, Stockholm
Come & enjoy nourishing overnight oats every day at our stand A17:10 at 17:10 o’clock