Thank you for visiting us at NeoCon 2019

NeoCon 2019 fair trade was our first appearance in the North-American market. Read more about how it went!

Thank you for visiting us at NeoCon 2019

We had a blast! NeoCon was our first appearance in the North-American market, and we couldn’t be happier.
Our small yet efficient booth (a bodacious example of our ability to create functional environments in any given space) drew in a lot of curious people.
Our sales team had many intriguing and intelligent conversations about office designs, how to create functional working environments (read more here) and how important good acoustics is in open plan environments (here you can find a simple guide to room acoustics).

We hope that your experience at our booth was excellent.
If there is something on your mind, or you need any additional information, please simply leave us a message here.
We believe in human encounters, and promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

INTO POD PHONE is a phone booth that improves privacy when taking phone calls in open spaces and office environments. It is spacious and room-like, and its insulating structure offers excellent acoustic protection from disruptive sounds.
Characteristically for INTO POD rooms, this phone booth has a minimalistic look that makes it timeless and easy to blend into the building’s existing architecture. Just fit in a high stool or a chair, plug in the phone booth, and you are all set!

Our INTO POD PHONE SMALL is a common sized telephone booth. Despite its compact size, this telephone booth does not lose the sense of space or its visual protection.
Just like in INTO POD PHONE, this phone booth has a cozy vibe in it, created by the two closed walls combined with only one big glass wall to let the light in.

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INTO POD 2 is a small meeting room that is ideal for spontaneous but confidential meetings and as an adaptable workspace. Whether you need a space for independent work or a room for collaboration, our POD 2 room
is a perfect solution.
In our POD room design, we prefer smart and clean-lined designs, so that our POD rooms can be placed next to each other without leaving gaps for dust and dirt to gather.
As all INTO POD rooms, this too is installed without changes to existing structures or walls and can be reassembled in another location.

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INTO references - INTO the Nordic Silence

Coming up next fall: INTO the Nordic Silence as the main partner in ID Helsinki 2019!

We are proud to announce that INTO the Nordic Silence will be the main partner at the ID Helsinki 2019 event this fall.
ID Helsinki is the leading trade fair in Finland that takes an informative and inspirational focus on design and contract interiors. It has a combination of exhibition stands, two days’ worth of interesting speeches and lectures, and the Afternoon Party to network with like-minded professionals.