Come meet us at NeoCon 2019 in Chicago

We are excited to announce that this spring we are attending at NeoCon trade fair in Chicago, United States of America.

INTO the Nordic Silence is making their first appearance in the United States at NeoCon 2019

Come and experience our modular POD rooms on floor 7 stand 5046.

NeoCon will be held June 10-12, 2019 at TheMart in Chicago.

Our vision is that in the future everyone can have a functional and healthy work environment.

Working spaces shape the way we think and work. Plainly open spaces are distracting and can cause anxieties, whereas closed spaces will suffocate the communication between people.

The efficiency of the office is directly related to the profitability of the work.
Innovative activity-based offices bring companies a whole new way to get better results.

Activity-based offices offer a wide range of facilities, such as open space type of workspaces, silent spaces for concentration, telephone booths, as well as meeting and conference rooms of various sizes. The basic idea is that an employee can choose a workspace depending on what kind of task they have at hand.

Our POD PHONE telephone booths are ideal for quick calls. POD 1 & POD 2 are compact solutions for spontaneous meetings and independent work. PODs 2-4 are optimal for collaboration and team work, and POD 4 is a perfect meeting room.

We are taking both of our POD PHONE telephone booth solutions and our POD 2 meeting room to NeoCon. Come experience these silent solutions and meet our team up in floor 7, stand 5046.