INTO the Nordic Silence concept selection enable you to create space which provides you with privacy as well as supports communication without disturbing those around you. Everyone deserves healthy and functional working environment.

Too much noise

We know that too much noise in open plan offices can interfere with all kind of things, from concentration to stress hormone release. It is hard to get into the flow states, and incredibly easy to be broken away from them.

Our POD meeting rooms bring you the solution by offering a quiet space for work that requires concentration and silence. You can furnish your POD room to meet your needs. For example, with our POINT sofa modules you can create the sofa group you need, and our TOP LIFT tables can be adjusted to a height suitable to its user.

Meeting rooms are always booked

Open plan environment and only few meeting rooms to answer to everybody’s needs? We hear your plight. Often times offices do have meeting rooms, but they are too big and too few to fit to various needs. Reserving big meeting room for an ad hoc meeting is inefficient space use.

INTO the Nordic Silence furniture family has POD meeting rooms in various sizes to fit into any needs. Whether you need a space for one to have a Skype-meeting, or you are looking for a room for 4 to 5 people, we have the right solution for you. All our POD rooms can be installed without changes to existing structures, and they can be reassembled in another location.

POD 4 Solutions - INTO the Nordic Silence

Need a place for private phone calls

Where to answer the phone without disturbing your co-workers or getting accidentally disturbed in-between personal phone call? Using an 8 -person meeting room or a hallway as your personal phone booth may be creative but is not the most efficient use of space.

Our INTO the Nordic Silence furniture concept has POD rooms for different needs. Whether you are looking for a phone booth for quick calls or a small room to maintain customer relationships, we have the right solution for you. All our POD rooms can be installed without changes to existing structures, and they can be reassembled in another location.

POD Phone SOlutions INTO the Nordic Silence

Too many visual distractions

We all know how distracting colleagues moving around office can be. There’s movement across the room at the wrong time, and the work flow is broken. Visual pollution isn’t nearly as big of a topic as it should be.

All our INTO the Nordic Silence products are born from a need to solve distractions in open environments. For example, our individual workstation TUBE is ideal as drop-in workspace for both visitors and employees, and our FOCUS acoustic desk provides both visual haven and true peace of mind while working. For team work we offer our POD meetings rooms.

TUBE Solutions - INTO the Nordic Silence

Not enough support facilities

Work in an open environment? Having trouble focusing at work? Lacking support spaces for variable work tasks? You’re not alone. Work environments and space use are in accelerating transformation. Activity-based environments are getting more popular favoring solitude as much as face-to-face collaboration. This type of environment supports changing work and takes into account different modes and styles of working.

Functional activity-based environment is created with numerous support facilities, such as easy-access meeting rooms, phone booths, desks for individual work and sofa groups for brainstorming.

POD ROLL SMALL Solutions - INTO the Nordic Silence

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