AVIABULEVARD II - sauna- ja kokoustila

Sauna and meeting facilities were planned on the top floor of the Aviaboulevard II office building in Vantaa. The space hosts a wide variety of events from board meetings to informal sauna nights.

Facilities were to be designed a multi-purpose premise with a slightly different atmosphere in both. One of the adjoining spaces is a muted blue turquoise and the other toned with warm orange. These colors are repeated on high-backed POINT sofas. Sturdy and movable TOP tables are easy to move where they are needed.

POINT sofas combined with height-adjustable TOP tables make the space functional and stylish.

The high-back POINT sofas and the acoustic panels on the walls and the ceiling create a pleasant sound environment. The design of the POINT sofas support an ergonomic working position and thus serve as additional seats for meeting people. Because of the snug sofa padding, these sofas are comfortable to be sat on for a long time when needed. Sturdy TOP tables are quick and easy to adjust for a perfect fit.

POINT sofas bring extra seating space for meetings. Thanks to their ergonomic design, they are good for sitting even for long periods.