The POD 2 meeting room is suitable for both private and team work.

INTO POD rooms create silence in FIM’s new multi-functional office

In 2019, the Finnish private bank FIM moved to new premises on Mikonkatu right in the heart of Helsinki. In addition to representative customer premises, the new office had to be a well-functioning workspace as well. The diverse spaces of the old building yielded well to the new layout plan.

INTO POD rooms were introduced into the new multi-functional office to increase working comfort and to provide facilities for work that requires privacy and concentration. POD PHONE phone booths provide excellent acoustic protection against disturbing noises and allow private calls to be made without disrupting the people around. Telephone booths have only one wall of glass, giving sheltered peace to the booth user. In addition to the telephone booths, the POD 2 work and conference room was brought to the office. This soundproofed room is great for video conferencing and perfect for small meetings.

Minimalist dark gray POD rooms with dark gray acoustic textile carpets on the inside blend perfectly with the architecture of the building and the full and colorful color scheme of the office typical of the era. The locations of the POD rooms were planned to be close to work areas and corridors, making them easy to access. By using the POD rooms as visual barriers in the corridor areas, the designers were able to reduce visual disturbances and thus to increase peacefulness and concentration.