INTO furniture enhances the functionality and creates peaceful learning facilities at Jokipuisto School in Sipoo.

INTO furniture enable efficient learning facilities at Jokipuisto school in Sipoo

An elementary school, named Jokipuisto school, in Sipoo received functional solutions for school work with the help of the INTO furniture. STORY WALL room dividers and corner pieces separate work areas in a large hall space allowing students and teachers to work in various ways without additional distractions. STORY WALL room dividers can be moved according to users’ needs, for example, when teaching situations, group sizes, and group work require it.

“The STORY WALL partition walls literally divide the large hall space we use into three functional study spaces. We have designed their locations to acoustically best serve the activities and therefore they are hardly moved during the school year. However, portability is important because the layout changes from year to year to best serve the needs of each user group,” says Anna-Leena Juntunen, Principal of Jokipuisto school, adding: “We have been satisfied with the products and they have brought versatility to the premises, which serves modern, diverse teaching. ”

The magnetic and movable whiteboards of the STORY WALL space dividers provide space to be creative, help in teaching situations, and are used to present students’ work.


Peace and privacy with POD 2 room

POD 2 room offers peace and privacy needed in a large space. The POD 2 workspace allows for a quiet moment in an often quite noisy environment.

Principal Anna-Leena Juntunen says that their INTO POD rooms are also used for telephone conversations and video conferences that require confidentiality. In addition, student care holds individual student meetings in POD rooms, and POD rooms are also used as office space for various personnel in the school. Without a corona pandemic, POD rooms would also be used for discussions and meetings between adults.

The INTO furniture provided the premises with functional, effortlessly adaptable, and versatile learning and working spaces.