INTO furniture enhancing Mapvision’s new office in Helsinki.

INTO furniture enhancing Mapvision’s office

INTO POD PHONE telephone booths and STORY WALL space dividers were brought to Mapvision’s new office premises in Konala, Helsinki so that the large open spaces could be used to meet the needs of everyone.
Oy Mapvision Ltd was founded in 1987. The company focuses on the manufacturing of measuring, testing, and navigation instruments and equipment.

POD PHONE telephone booths were placed in the middle of the open spaces so that they are easily accessible to everyone. Phone booths make the facilities versatile and provide privacy for calls and quick online appointments. Wheelchair ramps were added to make the telephone booth accessible for everyone.

Where telephone booths sought to bring peace and support private working, acoustic STORY WALL space dividers sought to soften the soundworld and provide space for teamwork and joint planning.

Movable STORY WALL idea walls support flexible ways of working by enabling ideas and plans to be easily shared by the entire team for viewing. The STORY WALL walls are upholstered in felt, to which documents and schedules can be attached. Magnetic whiteboards are also available.
Whiteboards are also available on the walls that attach to the magnet and are easy to move. The curved top corners of the STORY WALL walls absorb and break sound waves, making the space sound-friendly.