White & case reference photo - POINT sofas - INTO the Nordic Silence

Law firm White and Case moved to new premises in Helsinki. The premises were designed with INTO the Nordic Silence furniture solutions to create diverse and acoustic friendly space for both employees and customers.

Law firm White and Case moved to new premises in Helsinki

At the beginning of the project, goals and corporate culture were surveyed. White and Case had a clear view of space and spatial needs. The company wanted high-quality office space with sound insulation and good acoustics. In addition, a well-equipped conference center was needed, which would also be available for customer use.

The end result is a stylish, state-of-the-art office space, where the strong character of the building is still recognizable.

The break area was furnished with ergonomic POINT sofas that work well with the TOP tables, providing space not only for dining but also for comfortable work. The backrests of the POINT sofas are designed to be slightly sloping, so that they increase the comfort of the seat, and are sufficiently supportive to sit for several hours. The seating height of the POINT couches (without wheels 47cm and with wheels 48cm) adjusts to the standard seating height of the office chairs. Sockets have been added to the sofas to make it easy to charge electronic devices. The blue tones of sofas have been proven to calm the mind and increase creativity.

The elegant gray POINT couches in the meeting rooms provide softness and better acoustics. The adjustable TOP LIFT tables with pneumatic height adjustment system serve as a clever side table. The TOP LIFT tables, despite their slender appearance, are sturdy, and their covers are large enough to be used for computer work.

The architecture and interior design were created by Gullstén Inkinen Design & Architecture