The STORY WALL acoustic space divider walls create a pleasant sound environment and provide space for creativity at Pilke Daycare.

STORY WALL space dividers separating the dining and play area

STORY WALL as a space divider in Pilke päiväkoti

Pilke is a private daycare that offers early childhood education in over 180 locations across Finland. INTO STORY WALL space divider walls were chosen for a daycare in Turku to separate the dining and play area.

In daycare use, the versatile STORY WALL serves not only as a space divider but also as a platform for showcasing children’s art. The felt surface makes it easy to attach papers and posters, and various accessories are available, such as a whiteboard, TV stand, or even a dartboard.

The felt surface of the space divider can be used to attach, for example, children’s artwork

With its design and materials, the STORY WALL space divider wall has acoustic qualities, making it an excellent addition to the hectic daily life of the daycare.

“The space divider walls work very well in our daycare environment. The product stays in place securely, but it is also easy to move when needed. It serves its purpose excellently,” says daycare director Marjukka Lindroos.

With the STORY WALL space dividers, a pleasant sound environment was created in the play area