POINT sofas at Båx restaurant - INTO the Nordic Silence

POINT sofas are bringing softness and better acoustics in the restaurant Båx in Ilmala.

Easy to access and comfortable café and restaurant Båx in Ilmala

Restaurant Båx is a café and restaurant that was opened at Ilmala train station.

At lunchtime, the place is full of staff working in the premises. Outside of the lunchtimes, the neighborhood favors a place as a café and a suitable living room. In addition, the restaurant has two customizable meeting rooms.

INTO POINT sofas brings softness and comfortability to the restaurant. POINT sofas are not only stylish and good looking, but also suitable for working longer periods because of their ergonomic design.

The space works seamlessly as a restaurant, a café and a cozy living room. With its meeting room the restaurant is a continuation of the multipurpose offices in the building.


The architecture and interior design were created by Gullstén Inkinen Design & Architecture