INTO POINT sofas improve the acoustics and offer an ergonomic resting place at the renewed cafeteria of UniCafe Kaivopiha.

INTO POINT sofas enhance the functionality and acoustics of the student restaurant

The renewed and more functional Unicafe Kaivopiha opened in the autumn of 2019. UniCafe Kaivopiha is the largest student restaurant in Helsinki, and it has over 2 000 visitors per day.  The objective of the renovation was to make the space more efficient and cozy and less noisy. Floor materials with excellent impact sound qualities were chosen and elements such as thick wool partition curtains were added to enhance the acoustics of the space.

INTO POINT sofas were chosen for the restaurant and they bring a softness to the space and improve the acoustics. The upholstered sofas have high-quality backrests made of wool, and the wipeable seats provide much-needed color to the space and are easy to maintain. The sofas are recycled and have been in minimal use at fairs. The seats have been re-upholstered with wipable fabric. The rows of sofas divide the large space and ground some of the separate furniture such as tables and chairs in front of the sofas. The sofas are designed so that they are at a suitable height for dining and firm enough for sitting and studying for long periods of time.

The POINT sofas work as added seating when the chairs around the meeting table are all taken at a separate darker-toned cabinet. A meeting room with a sofa is functional for small private events as well as a good extension for the restaurant space.

The renovation revealed a new functional UniCafe, that serves its clients better than ever.