INTO the Nordic Silence furniture are part of Telia Finland’s new Headquarters in Tripla Pasila, Finland.

Well-working activity-based office was created with INTO furniture for Telia’s new office

Telia Finland’s headquarters moved to new premises in the Tripla Workery towers of the Pasila shopping center in Helsinki. ISKU Interior Oy was responsible for the business premises project and furniture deliveries, and interior design was done by Interior Architects Gullstén-Inkinen Oy.

Telia’s premises are on ten floors and each floor has its own theme, which follows Telia’s new New Home in Helsinki concept. The approachable atmosphere of the concept has been inspired by various areas of Helsinki. Among other things, the central park and the wooden house blocks can be seen in the colors typical of these areas, for example in POINT sofa fabrics and CUP teamwork furniture. The nuances of industrialism can be seen in the theme depicting Helsinki’s port areas and the classic themes in the spaces reflecting the Eira district.

Efficient office from floor to floor

Telia Finland’s head office was designed as an activity-based office, where everyone can find a way and space to work according to their needs. For this reason, the facilities had to provide different working points for different tasks, ranging from individual workspaces that required concentration to areas that encouraged group work.

Telia’s move to a new property and the merger with subsidiaries under the same roof also brought a change in work culture and working methods. The starting point of the project was the “One Telia” thinking model, where modern workspaces consist of a wide range of different spaces, from individual workspaces to group spaces. This promotes networking as well as communication and inspires and allows for peaceful and undisturbed work when needed. The project from ISKU was managed by key account managers Anssi Turpeinen and Johanna Laru.

“Support rooms and work areas of different sizes were created in the premises, so that is also possible to separate those areas with screens and room dividers. The common areas were designed cozy and inviting. The feel of the comfortable living room combines functionality and flexibility. Together with Telia and Interior Architects Gullstén-Inkinen Oy, we venturesomely wanted to try out multi-purpose and convertible furniture for the premises. For Telia, it was also very important that the chosen furniture was responsible sustainably made.” Says Johanna Laru.

INTO the Nordic Silence furniture can be found on each floor. The height-adjustable TOP LIFT tables are used in office spaces as well as in lobby and corridor areas due to their ease of use and simplified design language. POINT CUP sofa groups in the vicinity of workstations enable quick meetings and effortless group work. CUBE sofas were brought to the lobby areas on different floors to provide seating for both breaks and work.

Acoustically calm and pleasant POD ROLL ­­­was located in the open and high restaurant space to provide protection and peace in a lively environment. The space is designed so that it acts as both a working space and a break space from four to six people. The POD ROLL is equipped with wheels so that it can be turned around effortlessly.

Ergonomic POINT sofas were placed around the floors of the office towers. The timeless design language of the sofas and the wide range of fabric and color options made it possible to place them in any space, regardless of theme and era. POINT sofas with sturdy seat cushions combined with height-adjustable TOP LIFT tables provide a comfortable workspace for even longer periods. The sofas have integrated sockets for charging electronic devices.

Telia’s New Home in Helsinki concept promises approachability and a homely atmosphere – and that’s what the new premises offer.


Project lead and furniture deliveries: ISKU Interior Oy
Interior design: Interior Architects Gullstén-Inkinen Oy