INTO furniture improves privacy and create an inviting environment at Bosch multi-space office.

INTO furniture help make a functional work environment for the multi-space office

The Finnish headquarters of the Robert Bosch moved to a new building in Vantaa in 2019. The two-floored space gained more color and functional working solutions with the help of INTO products.  The lower floor’s big showrooms and conference spaces are styled in accordance with the international brand of Bosch.  Therefore POINT sofas and CUP furniture in neutral tones worked very well in this space.

The second floor’s inviting working space is an open multi-space office for approximately 75 employees and it required color and spaces that offer privacy for working. INTO POD rooms are excellent in this space, offering privacy and peace for working and enabling meetings for small groups in a quiet environment. The POD PHONE booth is a good spot to make business phone calls so that no one in the office is disturbed, and the POD ROLL working space provides for a great place to have meetings or a video conference.

The office turned out to be a functional, versatile, and relaxed workshop-type of environment, where INTO furniture fit perfectly.

Interior design by interior architects Gullstén-Inkinen.